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Intermediate German-Korean Workshop in Lüneburg, Germany, Jul. 13. - 15. 2015

Scope of Workshop

An important aim of this joint German-Korean workshop on the “Production and industrial applications of semi-finished Mg products” is to provide an opportunity to acknowledge the state of the art and discuss future trends in the industrial application and R&D activities on semi-finished Mg products in Germany and Korea. As evidenced by the last joint workshops in Irsee, Germany (2012) and in Incheon, Korea (2014), the synergetic effect on a realistic understanding of the capabilities and interests of the different communities from both countries can be maximised by such opportunity of open discussion and brainstorming.

In addition to the opportunity of a realistic understanding, particular importance will be given at this second joint workshop to networking between German and Korean R&D institutions and industrial partners, as an important prerequisite for future cooperative activities leading to mutual benefits. The initiation and strengthening of collaboration among the partners in Germany and Korea is expected to accelerate synergies in processing and alloy development, thus fulfilling cost and property requirements for industrial applications. Participation in the workshop is based on invitation.

This intermediate German-Korean workshop to be co-chaired by Dr. Dietmar Letzig (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, HZG) and Dr. Bong-Sun You (Korea Institute of Materials Science, KIMS) will be held in the histrocal Hanseatic city Lüneburg, Germany.


- Workshop hotel: Hotel Bergstörm in Lüneburg

Workshop Hotel

- Workshop registration extended to June 22th.

- List of the speakers at the workshop program.

Workshop Program


IMPORTANT information

The registration fee will cover the accommodation fee for 2 nights, from July 13th (check in) to 15th (check out), at the workshop hotel for the registered participants.

Workshop registration
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